Grass is greener ... wait for it ... where animals go

The grass always is greener ... wait for it ... on the golf course.

I can back this statement with fact, even as recently as the other day. We humans can see this with our own eyes, but animals only savor the moist, tender blades of grass rolled out in front of them.

On Tuesday, I waited for a doe after careful observation of a threesome of women golfers walking down the 11th fairway at Hillcrest Golf Club make her way over to the out-of-bounds fenceline which separates the good golfers from the wayward duffers.

We all have our animal kingdom stories of where we saw what and when. I have seen antelope on the course near Walsenburg, rabbits on a par-3 at Hidden Valley, geese at Conquistador, foxes at Frisco and, yes, a one-on-one encounter with a hare after an errant shot into the old scrub oak patch that used to line the par-3 15th at Hillcrest. Maybe that is why the grass always IS greener ... wait for it ... organically speaking.

Hillcrest Golf Club

The Morehart-Murphy Auto Center Youth Baseball Tournament was played Saturday and Sunday at Hillcres.

Championship A Flight:

1. Gavin Lyons, low gross, 142.

2. Kermitt Barrett, 155.

3. Bryan Schlichter, 159.

1. Mike Hannigan, low net, 146.

2. Tim Walsh, 153.

3. Ryan Siggins, 156.

Championship B Flight:

1. Kirk Rawles, low gross, 156.

2. Eric Brown, 160.

3. Cory Gillespie, 161.

1. Wade Whittington, low net, 145.

2. Tom Gorton, 149.

3. Bill Burns, 154.

First Flight:

1. Aimee Fladt, low gross, 163.

2. Jim Guest, 169.

3. John Hall, 170.

1. Brian Smith, low net, 140.

2. Jim Rodefer, 147.

T3. Steve Ragsdale, Terry Roberds, Ray Sigwart, 148.

Second Flight:

1. Art Martinez, low gross, 170.

2. Richard White, 172.

3. Brian Dommer, 173.

1. Bill Carroll, low net, 139.

2. Gary Meredith, 140.

T3. Andy England, Larry Gaughan, 142.

Third Flight:

1. Steve Biery, low gross, 167.

2. Leroy Flynn, 184.

3. Steve Woolverton, 189.

1. Bob Herkenhoff, low net, 143

T2. Jo Warfield, David Gore, 151.

Fourth Flight:

1. Art Gallegos, low gross, 190.

2. Mike Epson, 197.

3. Bill Corwin, 198.

1. Fred Atencio, low net, 144.

2. Michele Peterson, 145.

T3. Ron Mass, David Meyer, 153.

Ping Golf Clubs will be in town from 4 to 7 p.m. Friday at Hillcrest, followed by the Cleveland Tech Van from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

A reminder to all junior golfers, ages 6-17, the Hillcrest Junior Golf Camp will run Monday through Saturday. Call 247-1499 for more information.

Dalton Ranch Golf Club will host the Mountain Middle School Tournament at 9 a.m. Friday with a shotgun start. The next Dalton Ranch Couples Tournament will be held June 10, and dont forget about the Columbine Classic Duet tournament June 20-21.

Dave Bray has been covering the local golf scene for 31 years. He can be reached at