Freshness is healthy and local

We all have our favorite ingredients to load into a taco, from beans and rice to pork and pineapple. But the key to making the absolute, ultimate, perfect taco starts with one simple thing: freshness.

Cooks and owners at Mexican-themed restaurants in town prepare their salsas and fillings fresh every single day. More, they buy local organic vegetables and meat to cut down on travel time and up their taco's delicious quotient.

“I dice tomatoes for two hours every morning,” said Andy Snow, co-owner of Nini's Taqueria with his wife Abby. “Then I cut onions for two hours. Every day.”

The Snows developed their recipes to encompass the Southern California style of Mexican cooking that relies primarily on garden fresh vegetables – peppers, onions, tomatoes, cabbage – and exceptionally flavorful salsas. They offer three different types of tacos with three different types of salsa, a customer favorite.

Keeping their food not just fresh, but healthy is important to the Snows.

“We don't have a fryer because we want it to be healthy,” said Abby Snow.

Zia Taqueria is also well known for sourcing its vegetables and meat from local farms to create food with the tastiest ingredients. Herbs, lettuce, peppers and cabbage grow abundantly in our area – almost all of them produced using organic methods – and they show up in Zia's tacos to wonderful effect.

Fred Rector, owner of Kachina Kitchen, home of the Navajo taco in Durango, won't let an interview go by without mentioning that he gets his scrumptious pinto beans from just up the road in Dove Creek.

“Local ingredients and farm fresh is the new thing, but I've been getting my beans there for 25 years,” he said. “It's up to me to bring it to you as healthy as I can and fresh as I can.”

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