DHS hiring process, candidates impressive

For more than 25 years I have been an executive search consultant for major investment banks, commercial banks and Fortune 100 companies. In the last two weeks, I have had the privilege to be a parent volunteer on the interview committee to help interview a new principal for Durango High School. As an active community member and a parent of Durango High School students, I have a very strong interest and commitment to continuing the quality education and experience that DHS provides.

I was specifically impressed with the interview process, the professionalism of my fellow committee members and, particularly, the quality of the candidates. Of course, the combination of a school with such a good reputation as well as a town that many people want to move to helped in providing us with a solid group of individuals to assess. All of the candidates we interviewed made a strong impression on the committee, but there was no doubt that one was absolutely the right person to guide DHS through the upcoming changes and to make the high school even better in the future.

Leanne Garcia has the qualifications, the experience, the knowledge and the demeanor to take DHS to the next step forward. She has a thorough understanding of the new Small Learning Communities as well as the ability to address the needs of the upperclassmen. She is highly qualified in education and experience and has a proven track record of leadership. As a parent and community member I am excited that we have such a top-quality professional as our new DHS principal.

Erica Max