Incendiary comments can promote violence

Is the media at all responsible for what it prints? I am not sure. But as a person who still enjoys reading a newspaper, I am astonished at how often I am subjected to reading the rants of so-called Christians who insist on demanding that the rest of the free world believe, worship, obey their beliefs and their interpretations of their godís commands, lest we be doomed to eternity in hell.

Some of the recent comments made by Vi McCoy (Letters, Herald, May 25) are, in fact, only her opinion and those of others who cannot seem to journey into the 21st century and leave behind ancient bigotry and dangerous hatefulness.

No one suggests that McCoy or her followers adopt a lifestyle that is repugnant to them. We only suggest that she stop insisting that everyone else adopt her lifestyle, or else. History has proved that passionate dialogue of her nature does encourage hate and can promote violence. Can we lessen those effects by not printing some of her statements?

Sharon Krinsky


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