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4 men invade Durango pot-growing operation

By Dale Rodebaugh Herald staff writer

La Plata County Sheriff’s Office investigators are looking for four men who broke into a medical marijuana-growing operation on the Florida Mesa and stole plants.

The men, who appear in surveillance camera photos to be in their mid-to-late teens, entered a utility room in the early morning of May 22 through a door from the patio, investigator Kevin Brown said.

The door had a keypad lock, which wasn’t damaged, Brown said.

A surveillance camera in the utility room was swiveled away by the intruders but not before it captured their images.

The faces of the first intruder and the third one are readily visible. The other two covered their faces with hoodies and caps.

After gaining access to the utility room, Brown said, the four intruders visited four rooms where marijuana is cultivated.

“The plants were not mature enough to have buds, which is what they wanted,” Brown said. “But they took an undisclosed number of plants.”

Other plants were damaged in the 30-minute invasion, he said.

The break-in occurred shortly after 1 a.m. The owner has nine night-vision surveillance cameras inside and outside the building, Brown said.

Brown said investigators collected a large amount of evidence, which he declined to identify.

Anyone who can identify the intruders or supply information is asked to call Brown directly at 382-7054 or the Sheriff’s Office at 247-1157.


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