Experience shows Postal Service badly run

Did you know that the U.S. Postal Service doesn’t have such a thing as a “complaint form?” I had a birthday package mailed to me from my daughter in California on May 17, labeled priority mail, which means the Postal Service gets extra postage. I received my box on May 30, 13 days later, full of rotten, moldy avocados.

However, the Durango post master assured me that this box was received on May 20 and delivered May 21. He had every written excuse in the book to rationalize and justify 13-days delivery of priority mail. All this, after the clerk lied to me telling me the postmaster was not in and had been out for three weeks.

There is just no excuse for this kind of incompetence in our U.S. mail system. Incompetence and mismanagement create a lot of corporate jobs that add to the unemployment. It’s no wonder at all that citizens are increasingly turning to Fed Ex, United Parcel Service and other methods of delivery, and that email is taking the place of ever increasingly expensive letter delivery.

If the USPS can’t manage its own corporate funds, then in this age of technological communications, it must go the way of the Pony Express. I feel very sorry for all the postal employees who are facing this uncertain future. Now, our Durango post office is talking of cutting back even more and sending mail to New Mexico to sort and distribute.

Rationalize. Justify. What a way to run a business.

Thom Carden