Officers euthanize young mountain lion

Cat killed 3 goats south of Mancos

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers have put down a young mountain lion that killed three goats south of Mancos overnight Thursday.

The attack occurred in a rural subdivision about 1˝ miles south of Mancos where the goats were raised as pets or 4-H animals, agency spokesman Joe Lewandowski said Monday.

“The predator, we think, was a 2-year-old male probably just chased off by the mother,” Lewandowski said. “The young tend to hang around until they’re 18 months to 2 years old.”

One of the dead goats was placed in a trap as a lure, Lewandowski said. Lions return to a kill to feed again, he said.

The lion was put down with an injection on Saturday, he said. Wildlife officers are confident it’s the same lion because they tend to be territorial, and two calves were killed by a lion on a neighboring farm a month ago.

“We live in mountain-lion country,” Lewandowski said. “People with pets such as goats should protect them with dogs or keep them in an enclosure – a shed or barn – or behind an electric fence.”

The three goats killed were behind a fence but a very low one, Lewandowski said.

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