Locally grown rhubarb adds refreshing tartness to easy fruit-filled desserts

I am happy to announce that I picked my first local produce last week.

Actually, Emma, 11, picked it for me. My mom has a couple of rhubarb plants that are flourishing.

For a recent dinner get-together, the kids and I made a fabulous crisp inspired by Ina Garten, one of my favorite cookbook authors.

Molly, 9, and Clay, 7, raced each other to cut the strawberries for me. Dont worry they were careful, even though they each wanted to be the one to cut the last berry.

I cut the rhubarb while Emma started measuring the few ingredients that get mixed into the fruit. The kids tossed the fruit with the sugar, juice and cornstarch.

The topping is fun because the best way to mix the butter into the flour mixture is with squeaky clean hands. Needless to say, the kids loved that.

The crisp baked for an hour, then we served it with lightly whipped cream. It was fabulous.

The filling is full of sweet and sour flavor, along with the spiciness of the ginger and crunchiness from the nuts in the topping.

I would eat a fruit dessert every day if it were offered to me. Thankfully, it remains an occasional treat.

Whether it is pie, cobbler or crisp, I love them all, and my girls love them, too.

Clay is still learning to appreciate them, but I know he will come around one of these years.

For now, he picks off the tops of cobblers and eats extra pieces of crust from the pies.

Until he is ready, it is more for us.

mpoitras@discoveryspeed.com. Margery Reed Poitras is a former professional chef who now cooks for her kids and occasionally for the more mature palate.

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