Farmington offers more than big-box stores

Your recent article about Farmington being the “ghetto of the Four Corners” was one of the most biased articles I have ever read (Herald, May 23). I loved the picture that accompanied the article.

Have you ever walked along the Riverwalk here in Farmington? Have you ever photographed any of our beautiful bluffs? These are some of the beautiful areas you completely ignored in Farmington.

Yes, we have big-box stores here, but we have some wonderful boutiques also. We have specialty restaurants that rival Durango’s.

Not only that, but – and this might be a shock to your system – we also have highly educated, intelligent people who love living in Farmington.

Look beyond the end of your nose, and you will find a wonderful city, with an even lovlier population!

Kathleen M. Boyce