Oliger an excellent coach of high standard

The article, ďStudentís parents call foul on coach,Ē (Herald, June 6) is an unfair depiction of a great coach. Publishing such an article creates a storm of inaccuracies, false impressions and mob mentalities.

As a coach, I have worked with Robin Oliger for more than five years. She is an outstanding person, teacher and coach of high standard. I have never witnessed her violate the greater values of competitive sport coaching, student learning or community contribution. The reckless nature of the article seems solely designed to humiliate and intimidate, not to resolve. It is my experience that the DHS volleyball program, with Oliger at the helm, upholds an admirable tradition of school pride, competitive sports and an awesome volleyball sisterhood.

The nature of competitive sports is a two-edged sword. We all enjoy participating in a teamís success. We cheer their hard-fought victories, and being a part of something special. However, there also comes the general understanding of competitively building a teamís roster. Some athletes do not make the cut. This is not new, and athletes and parents know there is risk in trying to make it. Coaches have long understood that they are not 100 percent beloved, due to the tough decisions they must make. I have met with a frustrated parent of a cut athlete more than once.

Determining the roster is a necessary tough decision. The process may inadvertently create a perception that coaches are hardened to the pain of cut athletes. Coaches cannot escape the divisive opinions that arise. Rosters are limited, and coaches are working to develop outstanding programs that the community can be proud to support.

I would like to think the Heraldís readership will see through the articleís distractions and view its core point: An athlete was cut and her parents disapproved. I hope the Herald treads more cautiously in the future before printing such articles. It inadvertently stirs the pot to print reckless contents. I coach in a club program and want to reiterate that I speak for myself, not others. I support Oligerís continuation at DHS girls volleyball.

Terene Foutz


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