Jaime McMillan

McMillan Enlarge photo


Unaffiliated, write-in

Campaign site: www.jaimemcmillan.com

Current position: Owner, Qualitas Wealth Counsel

Hometown: Durango

Birthplace: Albany, Ga.

Age: 45

Family: Divorced, two sons, ages 9 and 8

Education: Undergraduate at North Carolina State University, 1991. Law degree at Trinity School of Law, 2007.

Work history: Owner of a financial advisory firm with offices in Durango and Southern California. Broker at Charles Schwab for 20 years. Retired from Marine Corps Reserves.

Platform: McMillan, a former Democrat, espouses a number of reforms, including term limits for members of Congress and legalization of marijuana. He wants to put a moratorium on home foreclosures and to defer repayment of all student loans until the financial crisis is over. Instead of cutting public debt, he would pass another $1 trillion stimulus bill aimed at increasing employment, especially among public sector workers. He supports giving gay and lesbian couples the same rights as married couples. He backs the extension of a government-run health insurance program similar to Medicare for all Americans, regardless of age.