Tisha Cassida

Cassida Enlarge photo



Campaign site: www.casida2012.com

Current position: Owner, That's Natural! Marketing & Consulting

Hometown: Pueblo

Birthplace: Vineland

Age: 30

Family: Single

Education: Undergraduate at University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, 2005. Master's at Colorado State University-Pueblo, 2008.

Work history: After college, Casida founded a small marketing business for health and environmental products. She also set up two farmers markets in Pueblo and a chile festival in Castle Rock. She has a real estate license.

Platform: Casida wants a greatly reduced role for the federal government. She describes herself as socially liberal and fiscally conservative. She opposes actions by the Federal Reserve to increase the money supply, and she said reforms of Wall Street passed by Congress were weak and are not being enforced.

Casida opposes regulation by federal agencies such as the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency. Local communities can do a better job of regulating energy drilling and power plants than the EPA, she said.

She supports marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.

Casida backs Ron Paul for president.