TBD Colorado welcomes input from all

Many thanks to all in the Four Corners who participated in TBD Colorado over the last three months, including those who attended the multiregional summit in Durango.

A terrific group from varied political and occupational backgrounds joined in conversation about some of the biggest issues facing the state: health care, education, transportation, budget and workforce. We were especially pleased that 100 percent of summit participants said this process increased their knowledge and that they would continue to participate in policy discussions in their communities.

State Sen. Ellen Roberts attended the Durango summit and shared these comments:

“As an observer of the process for the full day, I was very pleased and impressed with the TBD Colorado effort in Durango. (Facilitators) did a great job of engaging those in the room to think of the challenges in the state budgeting process and to try to set priorities as a group, facing challenges much like we have to at the legislature. I feel certain that (participants) have a better understanding of my job as their legislator and the choices we all have to make with the requirement of a balanced budget and a fixed amount of revenue coming in. The breakout sessionsalsogenerated a lot of enthusiastic discussion.”

Nearly 1,100 people have participated in 64 statewide meetings and three summits hosted by TBD Colorado. Three more summits are scheduled June 23 in Colorado Springs, Greeley and Denver. Policy recommendations developed by participants will be incorporated into a report for the General Assembly and governor by year’s end.

Summits are open to the public. Individuals interested in attending regional meetings nominated themselves. In many areas, there were more nominations than we could accommodate. Community leaders in each region recommended final selections to ensure broad and diverse representation. The TBD Colorado board had final approval.

All Coloradans can participate by visiting www.tbdcolorado.org. They can download a home meeting kit, read meeting summaries and share comments.

TBD Colorado is a nonprofit organization governed by a nonpartisan, volunteer board of directors. No tax dollars support this effort.

Kae Rader, executive director, TBD Colorado

Castle Rock