Tuesday meeting about cell tower dangers

Relocation of the Lone Pine Park cell tower on U.S. Highway 550 near Hermosa is to be moved to a structure at Sandco off Trimble Lane, next door to Dalton Ranch. Even though the FCC had not approved this move at the April 26 county Planning Department meeting – and without knowledge of all tower locations or the severe dangers recently revealed concerning towers – the move was unanimously approved.

Instead of being relocated to a safe and more efficient location, the nearly invisible towers on the mountain directly above Trimble Lane, moving to Sandco places more homes in danger along with those in the proximity of Dalton Ranch.

Exact tower numbers are unknown because no county cell tower maps are in existence and many earlier towers have never been accounted for.

One single cell tower may not produce an instant death sentence, but multiple airborne radiation accumulation situations will. By adding thousands of electrical smart meters coming from La Plata Electric Association placing unknown levels of radiation inside our homes and airborne radiation readings plus Wi-Fi and all the other high-tech airborne conductors, this accumulation effect will seriously compromise the lives of all living matter.

Independent in-depth studies have never been conducted in our area to determine the full harmful extent for radiation when all the above subjects are unleashed at the same time.

Even more devastating to valley residents is the high altitude and solid mountain walls causing a ricochet effect over and over. Common sense tells us something is wrong with this picture.

Attend the public La Plata County commissioner’s meeting at 10 a.m., Tuesday at 1060 East Second Ave. to find out why all the valley towers should be relocated to safe distances on top of the mountains.

Len McDermitt