Native tuition is Colorado’s responsibility

As a Native American from out of state who experiences local discrimination and resentment, I think the editorial (Herald, June 10) regarding the federal payment of out-of-state native tuition at Fort Lewis College is a perfect of example as to why it happens. Natives have been cheated out of their rights for years by states and the federal government not wanting to own up to their contractual obligations, and treaties. One time Natives win Ė and you white folks canít stand it.

Why donít you just return the state of Colorado to the Utes, and we will call it even. Why donít you ever think of that?

You should go up to Northern Colorado for example, and visit Steamboat Springs, and then drive west to the Fort Duchesne Ute Mountain Tribe, in Utah in the desert and then maybe you will get it. Or if that doesnít work, why you donít walk the trail of tears.

Whites got the better deal. This is one of the few fair things Natives have gotten. Live with it. The U.S. government does everything they can to try and keep Natives on their reservations by not giving those who need to move away to work any rights or benefits that they would get if they stayed on the reservation as a way of trying to control Natives as it is, and you resent the one thing Natives do to try and better themselves, go to college. And, by the way, nobody gets out of Fort Lewis College without paying fees.

Fort Lewis is the one taking advantage of the state by charging out-of-state tuition. It could easily come up with a tuition structure for Natives that is comparable to the agreement it has with New Mexico and Arizona, but it chooses not to. It is not the U.S. government that should be paying this Ė it is Colorado.

Denise St. Andre


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