Being nice is not hard, costs nothing

A lot of the press has focused on the gay community. Hopefully, the people and our leaders will accept historical progress after way too many years of political and religious arguments. What I am concerned with are the “closet” nonbelievers in gay rights. Another under-appreciated segment of society shows up on time to do chores I can’t or don’t have time to do are Hispanics who are here legally.

Gays have been shunned since the beginning of time.

My father’s personal recollection of a famous tennis player, Bill Tilden, an openly gay man in the 1930s, is a classic case of hypocrisy. Tilden, despite his sexual orientation, was invited to literally every royal party around the globe and regularly dined at my mother and father’s humble abode. My father was disappointed during Tilden’s funeral when less than a handful showed up, and zero condolences were mailed from the “closet” nonbelievers.

A friend of mine fixes everything on the 500 block of Main Avenue, but graciously works after hours on my house projects and many others.

Although Joaquin makes a decent living with bonuses from his primary job, which he really likes, his side work supports his parents in Mexico.

At a breakfast, I asked if all the people he does work for treat him well. The answer was a surprising “no.” Most don’t even offer him a cup of coffee.

I was told by a Hispanic woman who sold me tamales that even her own people were inhospitable after at-home deliveries.

It isn’t that hard to be nice, and the rewards are free.

Sally Florence