District 9-R wrong to cut DHS counselor job

I recently heard School District 9-R intends to cut one of the school counseling positions at Durango High School. This is appalling.

Having worked closely with the high school counselors over the years, I know that these are highly qualified and highly capable counselors, passionate about supporting the teenagers with which they work.

In my experience, I have found it outrageous that their expertise is not even able to be used to its fullest capacity, as they seem to be most used as a registrar and pseudo-administrator than the role of true counselor. They have been overworked by large caseloads and unable to do much more than schedule classes and support the administration. It seems they are rarely used for what they know best counseling.

And now, one of their positions will be removed? This places even more of a workload on the remaining three counselors and, quite frankly, Im not quite sure how they can be expected to uphold their quality of work with an increase in caseload. The students of DHS deserve to have the fullest support, and the counselors deserve to have a realistic work environment. My fear in a position being cut is that neither of these will occur.

For the sake of the students and the DHS counselors, my hope is that 9-R is seriously reconsidering the decision to cut a counseling position.

Amie Podolsky


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