Rep. J. Paul Brown hurting his constituents

It’s time to create a report card on the doings of state Rep. J. Paul Brown. According to his columns in the Herald he has done just great in the Legislature, fighting to overturn any limitations on the hunting of bears and working to make the sale of “bath salts” illegal.

The people of Colorado voted to limit wholesale bear slaughter, and while it’s good to try to halt the flow of damaging chemicals to our youth, was anything else going on in the General Assembly this year? Oh, yeah.

J. Paul voted as he was told on some huge issues for Colorado – voting against ensuring that state tax dollars are used to create Colorado jobs and not shipped off to Texas or California, for one. Preference for state government work must be given to Colorado companies that employ Colorado workers and veterans. Did J. Paul even care? Nope.

Another huge issue was Republican Party obstructionism that prevented debate and vote on popular legislation opposed by a small group of powerful right-wing activists. J. Paul just voted to stop it all, including measures lowering taxes on small businesses, improving public safety and investing in water projects critical for Colorado farmers and Colorado jobs.

Heard enough? Bad, bad report card.

Vote the most ineffective legislator ever out of office this fall. Anyone could do better. Everyone else did, this session. Stop being embarrassed to live in the 59th House District and take action in the voting booth.

Amanda McNeill