Fight fires aggressively from the beginning

Until I was 38, I lived in California (I have lived in Durango for 32 years). Fires were always a fear where I lived, but I will say that when a fire did happen, the fire departments got on top of them immediately with full power.

Unfortunately, through the years, when a fire starts, whoever makes the decision on how to fight these fire doesn’t bring out the big equipment to squelch the fire before it becomes huge. Recently, that has happened in Arizona and Colorado.

In the Arizona fires, they finally used three C-130 planes to fight fires with retardantafter 100 homes were lost and thousands of acres were burned. One plane with that stuff would have stopped that fire in its tracks from the get-go. So was money really saved in waiting until homes were lost and valuable watershed was lost on thousands of acres?

I know times are tough in this economy, but it still makes better sense to aggressively fight any fire at the very beginning instead of hoping that a little effort will handle the potential disaster that a fire leaves it its wake. Is this really a prudent decision financially or otherwise?

If a fire should start in our area in this high fire-danger time, I hope that it will be fought aggressively from the get-go and not wait until it is completely out of control.

Marilyn Reed