Visit Farmington before writing about it

The story headlined “Tale of two cities” (Herald, May 23) was just brought to my attention at a discussion group held at San Juan College; yes, we do have a college and active participation by Farmington residents.

I lived in Durango for 20-plus years and worked at the Chamber of Commerce. I have lived in Farmington-Aztec area for the last seven years. Those interviewed for the piece admitted they only go to Farmington for the big-box stores, therefore I contend they don’t know Farmington. To compare the two communities is comparing apples to oranges. Tourist towns become tourist meccas because they have natural beauty and areas to visit and vacation. Durango has the best of these. Farmington is not a tourist community and shouldn’t be expected to be one. We are a hardworking, blue-collar town that works and supports the industry that makes it possible for everyone to drive and enjoy the area.

I would personally invite Herald reporters to Farmington, and I will treat them to a lunch at a fine bistro with excellent New Mexico wines, or to a Mexican restaurant in Aztec that rivals any in the Four Corners. Maybe we’ll go to a western-style buffet or a sports bar and watch airport action. We could then visit the beautiful River Walk, Nature Center or one of Farmington’s many parks.

People here are friendly and warm just as they are in Durango. I have not been robbed, mugged or hurt in any way while living here. This is not a ghetto. I loved living in Durango, but I sure like the fact that the snow just dusts the sagebrush here and I don’t shovel, or walk around on icy parking lots all winter.

Farmington might not be a place you would go out of your way to visit, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great place to live. Of the 45,000 living here, I don’t believe any of them are chained or tied and unable to leave.

My suggestion is, know a little more about your subject before writing a negative article.

Nora Tracy