Durango radio needs classical music option

Could it actually be that this is the right time to address – for not the first time, I am sure – the lack of classical music radio programming in the Durango area? I am only a seasonal resident, but after a decade of seasons – nearly four months a year – without serious music, I may have some right to an opinion.

I am sure locals are appropriately appreciative of KSUT’s efforts to bring NPR programming to the area. Nonetheless, KSUT provides almost no programming of serious music during the week, the main exception being Sunday morning.

KSJE in Farmington does offer a substantial amount of classical programming, but its signal strength in Durango is marginal. I wonder how many population centers with Durango’s size and cultural ambitions have no classical radio. Precious few, I would think.

It seems to me that there are several options, including KSUT’s adding one or more HD channels which would offer only classical programming, KSJE increasing its power or modifying its antenna pattern, or the introduction of a Colorado Public Radio channel to Durango.

Certainly it is time that one of these options is pursued seriously.

I thank Heather Mullett (Letters, Herald, June 24) for raising this issue, which includes, by the way, the absence of local access to Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts.

Dan Purrington


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