Senior citizens doing keg stands?

Courtesy of Animas Media

Michelle Clark-Smith does a keg stand on a keg of prune juice while Wilbur “Bill” Brown holds the tap in “Moving In,” an Emmy-nominated commercial produced by Animas Media.

By Ted Holteen Herald staff writer

Durangoans John Trousdale and Rich Fletcher find themselves in a David-and-Goliath situation, but at least they’ve got a good slingshot.

The owner and former owner of Animas Media, perhaps best-known locally for airing IDTV (Inside Durango TV), are up for a regional Emmy award for their 30-second ad for Sunshine Gardens, a senior assisted-living facility in Durango. Thenomination is from Heartland Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. the spot they called “Moving In.”

Trousdale recently purchased the company from Fletcher. Trousdaleis credited as director on the nomination, and Fletcher is the producer.

“We didn’t want to do another boring commercial. I think we achieved our goal,” Trousdale said.

The commercialdoesn’t include soothing music or shots of seniors playing bridge. Rather, Trousdale and former Sunshine Gardens Marketing Director Trisha Kellogg portrayed the “Old Folks Home” as a frat house. Resident Wilbur “Bill” Brown parades around the facility in his underwear while the ladies yell “streaker!” Then, Michelle Clark-Smith does a keg stand from a keg of prune juice. The ad also stars locals Peter Goldberg and Tori Williams as the couple debating whether Sunshine Gardens is the right fit for Brown.

Animas Media will be up against two giants at the July 21 black-tie awards ceremony in Denver. The other two commercials in the category were produced by KUSA-TV in Denver and Frontier Airlines, both with much deeper pockets than Trousdale. It’s the second nomination for Animas Media, which lost out in 2010 for its production of “Durango Green,” a kids show.

“We’re on a $600 budget versus $15,000 – not to be a sore loser,” Trousdale said. “But it really is an honor just to be nominated, and it’s nice to know we can stand up to the larger markets.”

The commercial aired last year and no longer in the local rotation.

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