Sports nice, but firefighters have our backs

I just have an AM radio in the truck at work, so I have been listening to endless talking sports heads imploring me to appreciate Lebron James and the Miami Heat. As I looked at the horizon and the huge plume of smoke that presently dominates it, I felt compelled to write this letter.

Sports and its divas are just fun and games. I am in awe of – and truly thankful for – the wildfire fighters, who, at this moment, are fighting to allow me to live in my home next week. They work in the most demanding of conditions – intolerable heat, choking smoke and terrain that is a bear to just walk around in not carrying the equipment that they must have at hand. If I get to enjoy the paradise that is Durango, it will be thanks to their incredible efforts.

These men and women affect my life in the most profound way. They have my thanks, appreciation and admiration for doing a job few of us could do.

So, nice shot, Lebron, but I’ll keep my perspective and direct my sincere gratitude toward those who have earned and deserve it. Thanks to those guys for having my back.

Terry Zink


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