CNN asks Mancos residents about health-care ruling

Mancos, the town 30 miles west of Durango, received its moment in the spotlight Friday on CNN – not for its 9,000-acre wildfire, but for its Small Town America views on Obamacare.

The 24-hour news station visited Mancos this week with a camera and a reporter to interview residents about President Barack Obama’s health-care law that was cleared Thursday by the Supreme Court.

The five-minute piece features residents who support the overhaul and residents who do not. It said 59 percent of the town – population 1,300 – voted for John McCain in 2008. It portrayed life-long residents as conservatives and liberals as transplants.

The report concludes by saying Mancos may be a long way from anywhere, but like everywhere, it is divided about health care.

Only once did the cameras show the 9,279-acre Weber Fire to acknowledge that health care may not be the top concern for residents.

Herald Staff