Tejada gave gift of trust, confidence

When I was contemplating moving to Durango approximately 15 years ago from the big city (Denver) I began inquiring as to who was the best lawyer in town. Unequivocally, the unanimous answer was Alex Tejada. In fact, I don’t recall another name even being mentioned. My angels were looking out for me when they landed me my job as Alex’s paralegal. I have never worked for a more genuinely kind and generous person. I was honored to be a part of his and his wife Beth’s law firm.

In my excitement to again get to work with an elite legal mind, I may have overstated my ability to write as fast as he talked. Upon my joining the firm, Alex called me into his office to “take down a letter.” I wrote as fast and furiously as I could, but I could not keep up, plus you kind of got drawn into his stories. Long story short, I had to totally make up a letter that I thought embodied what he had just said. I put it on his desk and waited and waited. Finally, he came to me with the letter in hand and a strange look on his face. I prayed to not hear, “You’re fired!” He said, “This isn’t at all what I said,” and there was a long pause. “This is much better!” I don’t think I ever had a better compliment, complete with an incredibly brilliant and handsome man at the other end of it. After that, I enjoyed the great gift of Alex’s trust and confidence in me.

My hard work at the firm was rewarded by a generous salary, bonuses and benefits, but the thing I take away the most was Alex’s praise and encouragement of me as a person, not just an employee. I also came away with a wealth of “true” stories and the knowledge that one can, and sometimes does, trade farm animals for legal services.

I always thought we would work together again once my children were raised, but sadly this will not be the case.

Staci Brand