County should invest in key bike lanes

City government has stepped up well in support of this year’s many great public events. Particular kudos to public works, police, emergency crews, firefighters, etc. – the people in the trenches.

Sorry to say, however, the county is not stepping up to the plate as well as it could. On the plus side, the county appears to be wasting fewer resources trying to tell everybody what to do and not to do under a misguided, largely unconstitutional, government-knows-best view of what constitutes “planning,” and attending more to the necessities at hand. That being said, it is dragging its feet with respect to the now-permanent explosion of bicyclists and the additional vehicular traffic in the vicinity of the city.

So, two suggestions. First, with all the money the college students bring to the area, many of whom live on Florida Road, why must they put their very lives at risk because the county (correct me if I am wrong in naming it as the responsible party) can’t seem to manage completing the sidewalk/bicycle path down the hill from the college to Florida Road? This is a downright and indefensible threat to life and limb that could be alleviated – at least in rudimentary form, at very low cost.

Second, why didn’t the county include a bicycle lane in the recent work on East Animas Road (County Road 250)? If the county would just use all the dirt and fill from cleaning the ditches, including the plentiful amount from the east Animas irrigation ditch, to help put at least one bicycle lane each on county roads 250 and 203, say up one way and down the other at least as far as Trimble, it could be done with very little effort and costs, and I am sure both bicyclists and motorists would bless the county for it. (They both should be pounding on its door on this one.)

Jim Hanks