Global-warming columns based on bunk

In a short period of time, May 28 to June 2, The Durango Herald had several editorials or articles that dealt with or touched on air pollution.

A good editorial appeared on May 31st: “Politics and coal; Dirty energy source requires cleanup or retirement.” What I found refreshing is that it never once referred to carbon dioxide, carbon or global warming.

Then we come to the columns by Dan Randolph: “Climate: Local decisions and global realities” (Herald, May 28) and Philip S. Wenz “Three steps to a cooler planet: What a gas” (Herald, May 31.) The underlying premise of both is that the world is warming and that it is because of humanity’s emissions of carbon dioxide.

Randolph said: “James Hansen, then working for NASA ... predicted global temperature increases ... because of the huge amounts of carbon dioxide humans were putting into the atmosphere.”

Also: “The data from the last 30 years actually shows that they were incredibly accurate in the their predictions. The world is actually getting hotter at a slightly faster pace than even their most dire prediction.”

Wenz wrote: “Put briefly, the 450 ppm (of atmospheric carbon dioxide) scenario means catastrophic storms and extensive droughts leading to massive food shortages and to irreversible, ice-melt driven sea-level rise that will flood our coastal cities.”

What in the world are Randolph and Wenz reading?

There is absolutely no evidence to support any of these statements.

There are times in Earth’s history that temperatures and carbon dioxide levels have been higher than today.

And it is fact that temperatures help to drive carbon dioxide levels, not the other way around, despite what the fraudsters and religious zealots of the global-warming church would have you believe.

Even James Lovelock of the GAIA scenario has turned around and said he was wrong and the United Nations and global warming “scientists” are frauds.

I don’t have space here to thoroughly refute the claims of Reynolds and Wenz, but if you spend a little time at, you will soon realize how much bunk is out there.

George Thompson