Richochet an unlikely cause of Weber fire

What a great job our first responders, firefighters, emergency personnel, out of state and federal teams have accomplished here in our area.

Officials still have the Weber Fire under investigation. Although it’s likely this fire was human caused, no official conclusions have been reached.

I do respectfully disagree with Butch Knowlton’s director of La Plata County emergency preparedness conclusions as to his theory on how this fire started. His thought (Herald, June 26, June 27) is that a bullet ricocheted off a rock and landed in dry vegetation.

Thus the Weber Fire started with shooting targets nearby the point of origin.

Bullets are propelled by an explosion. The bullet itself carries no fire or spark. If the bullet grazed a hard surface such as a stone or rock, and a fire started at that spot, then, yes, it is possible as Knowlton suggests.

Another term for ricochet is bounce off. That bullet would travel some distance. Knowlton suggests that bullet traveled and landed in dry vegetation.

Unless language somewhere is misinterpreted, his theory is impossible. Detailed research through forensics as federal officials are engaging in will reveal the most probable cause.

For all we know, a shooter or two, as suggested, merely “flicking” lit cigarettes is a more realistic theory.

Chris Frank


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