Our Ryder Cup, Member/Member prays for rain

What an eerie sight last Saturday watching the AT&T Congressional on the East Coast after severe storms plowed their way through the area.

Tournament officials told spectators and volunteers to stay away in case there were unstable trees around the course. If you watched the network coverage, you saw the piles of broken tree limbs pushed off to the sides of the fairways.

With the absence of spectators, it was hard to gauge how well other professionals were negotiating the softer fairways and greens. Then, what a difference a day makes, as fans were allowed back on the course for the final round Sunday. I cannot remember when a scenario of silence one day made for compelling drama the next.

We now will remember the headlines which moved Tiger ahead of Jack Nicklaus in career wins.

On the local front, we could use some of those eastern rains – minus the lightning – to break our severe heat and drought. So, stay hydrated, especially during these hot, dry, windy days.

Two tournaments will dominate the upcoming weekend: the Economy Nissan “Ryder Cup Format” tournament Saturday and Sunday at Hillcrest Golf Club and the annual Member/Member on Saturday and Sunday at Dalton Ranch Golf Club.

The Economy Nissan tournament will feature a different format for each 9-hole cluster, making for an entertaining and competitive event. There is $500 in added purse, and you can choose your own partner as long as the handicap differential is not greater than eight strokes. The entry fee is $50 per person, and prizes will be awarded on both the gross and net sides.

The Member/Member tournament field of entrants is limited to the first 100 golfers, and tee times will begin at 8:30 a.m. both days.

If you are new to the area, here is your opportunity to say you were a part of 32 years of golf history; the Randango, a local golf classic at the end of July, will benefit the Bryan Merry or Jim Bob Kaufman Scholarship funds.

This year, $13,000 worth of college scholarships will be awarded, thanks to the perpetual generosity of local golfers. In these tough economic times, a little seed money for college can go a long ways toward developing promising futures for our young adults.

This year, several perks, some of which are from earlier tournament years, are making a return appearance. I will go into more detail as the July 28 event gets closer.

For now, more information can be obtained by calling Skip or Gail Merry at 247-3031.

Hillcrest Golf Club

The Hillcrest Women’s Golf Association’s annual Lady-Junior tournament June 26:

1. Karen Spickard, Laurel Waters and Cy Spicer, 18-hole division, 67.

2. Ann Emigh, Cindy Cuthbert and Landon Donagan, 71.

3. Jessica Thulson, Marna Burnett and Lance Townsend, 72.

4. Daphne D’Agostino, Debi Marti and Nikolai Walcott, 75.

T1. Laurie Simmons, Elizabeth Cugnini and Noah Pritchard, 9-hole division, 40.

T1. Mary Ruth Bowman, Emily Robertson and Kyle Pritchard, 40.

T1. Teri Cornett, Sherry Eilbes, Ann Swisher and Josh Davoust.

T4. Wilma Sexton, Sheila Moring and Demitry Walcott, 42.

T4. Jean Thweatt, Lisa Breed and Robby Grogan, 42.

Dave Bray has covered the local golf scene for 31 years. He can be reached at dbray3751@gmail.com.