Landlords: Judge the person, not the dog

Take your dog to the bar, take your dog to work, take your dog everywhere Ė but whatever you do, donít try to live in Durango with your dog.

Itís absolutely despicable the way the landlords in this town price gouge or make completely inaccessible quality, affordable housing for responsible dog owners. Some would say that is a result of irresponsible dog owners, but I would venture to say itís also because the priorities of renting qualifications are as skewed as the ones who are deciding it.

Try taking a chance. Choose on a individual basis. Meet the dog. Actually call the references. At the end of the day, itís not just because the dog owner was irresponsible Ė itís also because the landlord chose the wrong person.

Landlords should take ownership of their flawed judgment and maybe forgive themselves for making a bad choice on a renter.

In turn, they may forgive dogs and allow someone who desperately needs a housing opportunity without being discriminatory or ripping people off.

Walter Cockcroft


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