Private fireworks sales make no sense

At a time when we are under a fire ban, it did not make sense to me that we would allow fireworks to be sold by vendors in New Mexico. What are we thinking? Along with the fire ban, we should also ban vendors from selling the fireworks. There will be no fireworks displays in Silverton, Pagosa Springs or Durango, but we will allow them to be sold to the public at large, so the people who know more than the firefighters can set them off unsupervised and set yet more fires?

For people who live in this area with all thatís going on with fires already, we should all be really scared this Fourth of July. What are we thinking? Let us all just sit back and watch Colorado burn some more and displace more families. Loss of life and livelihood should mean more to us than fireworks.

Come on people, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy your family and celebrate your independence without the fireworks.

Stephanie Lloyd

Navajo Dam