Can we save U.S. as an exceptional nation?

What kind of a nation are we living in? Not one that I recognize anymore. This administration has thumbed its nose at Arizona, which has long struggled with immigration issues largely because of a lack of federal enforcement of our nation’s laws.

Justice Antonin Scalia was astute in his assessment that the current administration doesn’t want to enforce federal law.

Hurray for his courage to say it. Our “uniter-in- chief” waited three-plus years after his campaign promise to address immigration, issuing an executive order as a temporary measure, now that his re-election is at stake.

As the constitutional process is so burdensome, legislation comes through executive orders such as that mentioned and bans on drilling for U.S. oil. More insidiously, regulation is written by faceless bureaucrats in agencies such as the EPA who dictate enforcement as they wish. Wonder why is it so hard to start a business?

Never mind Congress or the wishes of the American people. “They” know what is best for us. As a seventh-generation American citizen, I feel as though my liberties now take a back seat to those of foreigners, specials interests, “takers” and far lefties who live in their own little bubble called Washington.

If we do not remove this administration, career politicians who make laws but exempt themselves and reduce government regulation, whose tentacles invade every aspect of our lives, we will no longer be an exceptional nation because the liberties we have long enjoyed are slowly disappearing while we have our heads buried in the sand.

We were once a nation of reason, responsibility, leadership and liberty, a country of self-made people. No more. Those days are waning.

Nanny state is taking over. We the people are now the servants of big government. Europe can see what is happening to us, the short-sighted choices our government is making, our enslavement to debt – now nearing $16 trillion. Can we the people save America from turning into another socialist country? Can we survive four more years of this?

Carol Ann Freitas