Perserverance required to navigate VA system

I am writing in reference to the story, “Complaints about VA care? here’s what to do,” (Herald, July 1).

Have you ever had a problem you shared with someone and they responded, “I know how you feel,” when actually they have no idea and have never experienced your problem? That is how I feel about the information released in this article, and I know this first-hand.

The article should prepare people to make numerous, repeated phone calls and not have them returned for days or weeks. You will need to carefully document every name, time call and phone number so when they stop calling or returning emails, you can then go on to someone else. There is always someone else. You will need hope that your “problem” does not worsen because it will take many months to resolve, if ever. Fortunately, I never gave up and received a solution to my particular problem, but not through any of the suggestions that were given in the article. They didn’t work.

To all veterans who have experienced a “problem,” keep calling and writing everyone, have patience and faith. The VA system is fantastic – when you make it work.

Karen Jones U.S. Air Force, retired

Pagosa Springs

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