National coverage can limit insurance burdens

Hooray! The Supreme Courtís ruling on Obamacare affirms everyone in the United States will now have medical security. Now our elected officials need to stop overlapping insurance, and stop our small businesses and residents from paying two or three times for our care.

There is now no need for the medical portion of workmanís compensation. Requirements for medical coverage under auto insurance can be dropped. Liability law should be changed so it is clear injuries will be treated under the injured personís coverage they already have rather than trying to litigate fault.

This November, we should elect representatives who are committed to cutting these unnecessary burdens. There are plenty of punitive laws and regulations to ensure responsible operations and safe premises. Duplicate insurance coverage only serves to raise costs and stifle innovation. There is a lot of talk by Republicans and Democrats about reducing the burdens of government, but the specifics they cite donít amount to much.

These changes would be a huge benefit, donít require action by the dysfunctional and sclerotic Congress and will make Colorado a magnet for growth and new business.

Letís not squander this opportunity by sticking with representatives wedded to the status quo. We should support and vote for candidates who will use universal health coverage to reduce the costs and burdens of medical insurance.

Doug Lashley


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