Lefties insist on protecting Obama

I often find the cartoons published on the Herald op-ed page inanely amusing, and the July 2 offering certainly was no exception.

It was the picture depicting Fox News, the only reliable, accurate television news source, which always polls nationally highest in trustworthy reporting (just a note for liberals who hate the station although they never have watched it). The drawing made an overblown view of the “Fast and Furious” debacle.

Now, please do not insult intelligence by saying that it is a continuation of a President Bush policy, for, in truth, it is an entirely different and separately funded program.

It was a failed program of giving guns to Mexican drug lords and then not tracking them. The guns were used in killing many innocent Mexican citizens and one Border Patrol agent in Arizona.

Congress has been trying to get the information on this mess from Attorney General Eric Holder for going on two years now, but he has stonewalled the requests and lied.

Congress wants to, and should, get to the bottom of this operation to discover who knew about this program and when, and who approved this mess.

Yet liberals – I am speaking to the Herald editors because you are the ones who choose what goes on this page – insist on protecting that radical, corrupt, deceiving, lying and divisive “messiah,” Barack Obama and his administration.

From “hope and change” to “divide and blame,” you lefties really need to quit drinking all that Kool-Aid and take an objective view of what has happened to this country during the last three and a half years.

Robert Goodrich


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