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Local woman cleans up CR 210

SHAUN STANLEY/Durango Herald

Claudia Kanne collected eight bags of trash during a two-day period along County Road 210. She laments that people have been using the scenic drive as a dumping ground.

By Dale Rodebaugh Herald staff writer

Cameo movie roles to roadside trash collection, Claudia Kanne tackles it all.

“I’m impulsive, and I’m obsessive,” Kanne said Monday to explain why she spent Friday and Saturday picking up trash along County Road 210 from Centennial Plaza to its intersection with Wildcat Canyon Road (County Road 141).

What Kanne found – beer cans, liquor bottles, empty cigarette packages, fast-food containers and two hand-written love letters between women in jail treating erotic themes – filled several trash bags.

Kanne counted 181 beer cans. 41 glass beer bottles, 37 hard liquor bottles and miniatures, 22 cigarette packs, 35 soda cans and 38 plastic bottles.

The only trash that remained roadside were several hundred cigarette butts.

Kanne started her work Friday when she was driving from downtown Durango to her home in the Rafter J subdivision.

She was just back from Moab, Utah, where she had a bit part in the new “The Lone Ranger” movie starring Johnny Depp that is being filmed this summer in the Four Corners.

“I stopped to pick up two brown bottles standing upright,” Kanne, whose stage name is Claudia Adams, said. “But I couldn’t stop walking because there was one item after another.”

She went home for garbage bags and then returned Saturday to finish the cleanup.

“The road is beautiful, but it’s filthy,” Kanne said. “The lake area is becoming a dump, and it’s not even open to the public yet.”

Lake Nighthorse, which can be seen from the road, remains closed to the public as officials seek to finalize a plan for recreation at the lake.

A suggestion that Kanne could continue her cleanup from the Rafter J entrance down Wildcat Canyon to U.S. Highway 160 west brought a quick rejoinder.

“There’d be no end to it,” Kanne said. “I hope La Plata County rises to the occasion.”

Actually, it has, said Roxanna Harris from the county Road and Bridge Department, who coordinates volunteer cleanup of county roads.

“There are 59 sections of roads that have been adopted by volunteers,” Harris said. “County Road 240 and County Road 250 are nearly all adopted.”

C.R. 210 has not been adopted.


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