Tipton’s votes show allegiance to industry

In your editorial about wind power (Herald, June 24) you presented well the economic advantages that wind energy offers Colorado and the reasons we should provide incentives for the continuing development of this clean technology.

One well-known point you might have reemphasized is that wind energy requires no injection of heat-trapping gases and toxic metals into our atmosphere. Each day, the reality of global warming becomes more undeniable, as extreme weather records are routinely broken, and we now watch not only our forests burn, but our cities as well. The transition to clean energy is an urgent necessity. We owe Sen. Mark Udall great gratitude for his prescience.

Meanwhile, our self-described “environmental steward,” Rep. Scott Tipton, continues to worship at the altar of extractive industry, where campaign coffers are magically filled, repeatedly voting against funding for renewable-energy development and energy efficiency (House votes 147, 151 and 606), presumably in the name of austerity. But this false idol’s clay feet are revealed when one looks at his record of repeated votes to protect the subsidies for large oil companies and votes against attempts to close their breathtaking tax loopholes (House votes 109,151, 153, 293). These giveaways make clean-energy incentives seem, by comparison, to be miniscule, indeed.

Tipton’s support of dirty energy and extractive industries of all sorts hasn’t stopped there. He has voted to disable the Clean Air and Clean Water acts, to drastically defund the EPA and to block the EPA from protecting streams polluted by mountaintop coal extraction (House votes 61, 121, 147, 573, 741, 791).

No, thanks.

Christopher Isensee


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