Claims of bunk are based on bunk

George Thompson’s letter to the editor “Global-warming columns based on bunk,” (Herald, July 2) is itself “based on bunk.” I hesitate to enter the fray because even soliciting my comments may add credence that Thompson had something worthwhile to say.

Nevertheless, I believe the readers of the Herald deserve better. It perplexes me that so many Americans will go to blogs for their climate information rather than going to NASA, NOAA or similar respected websites. Of course, we are all free to distrust our government – NASA and NOAA included.

I must agree with Thompson’s suggestion that we take a look at to realize how much bunk is out there. This climate-denying website – supported by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, a nonprofit seeking free-market solutions to environmental issues – is indeed full of bunk.

Three specific comments on Thompson’s letter: 1) True, there are times in Earth’s history that temperatures and carbon dioxide levels have been higher than today, but those times involve slow changes during tens of thousands of years, not during the 100 years that we experience now.

2) During historical time periods rising carbon dioxide levels definitely led to higher temperatures.

These rising temperatures will eventually (glacial time scales) release more carbon dioxide from the ocean and lithosphere, so Thompson is partly correct, the rising temperatures will drive carbon dioxide levels even higher – but isn’t that a scary thought?

3) James Lovelock is a respected British biologist who proposed the Gaia theory that our planet is a single self-regulating organism.

He was an early and extreme alarmist about global warming, maintaining that within 100 years there would remain only a few humans, living in the Arctic. This statement was over the top for most mainstream scientists, and he has now retracted his dire warning.

He still believes in man-made global warming, and I can find no reference that he has ever said that global warming scientists are frauds.

Gary Rottman