Summer rains have brought greener greens

I must say, the recent rains have been a welcome relief to the heat wave that gripped our area.

The greens and fairways on our area courses are noticeably greener. And for that matter, so are the attitudes of those who have endured the dry conditions.

Area course groundskeepers are letting out a sigh of relief that there truly is green grass underneath the recent mowing operations. Now that the root systems have received a “hot foot” of moisture, let us not forget to be stewards of the game by replacing divots and repairing ball marks on the greens.

Hillcrest Golf Club

The Economy Nissan “Ryder Cup” Format, July 7-8:

Championship Flight

1. John Siegrist, Garrett Copp, low gross, 174;

2. Gavin Lyons, Justin Lyons, 176.

1. Mike Hoffmann, Wade Whittington, low net, 166;

T2. Mike Dodds, Kirk Rawles; Patrick Gaughan, Mike Hannigan, 171.

First Flight

1. Jim Rodefer, Dennis Seek, low gross, 196;

2. David Pierce, Brian Smith, 199.

1. Bob Wilson, Andy Hoff, low net, 173;

2. Everett Brown, Randy Poncho, 177.

Second Flight

1. Michael Kuss, Troy McLaughlin, low gross, 202;

2. Gary Meredith, Steve Woolverton, 209.

T1. Dick White, John Ball; Jo Warfield, Ray Sigwart, 168.

Third Flight

1. Rich Podlesnik, Art Gallegos, low gross, 203;

2. Bob Herkenhoff, Kevin Devine, 220.

1. Laurel Waters, Shirley Crom, low net, 169;

2. Michele Peterson, Jan Smith, 174.

Ladies Day

Color Ribbons, July 3:

1. Daphne D’Agostino, Shirley Crom, Sherry Eilbes;

2. Rita Davis, Janet Monell, Marnie Roti, Elizabeth Cugnini;

3. Ann Emigh, Laurel Waters, Nancy Holmes.

Dalton Ranch Golf Club

The Member/Member, July 7-8:

1. Jeff Markel, Adrian Morse, 165.5;

2. Cindy and Wally Bryniarski, 168;

3. Bob Barnhardt, Tom Gorton, 168.8;

4. Russ Smith, Rich Spraker, 170.3;

5. Ricky Rathien, Ryan Siggins, 170.8;

6. Mike Eberspacher, Mike Kane, 174.3;

7. Brian West, Pat Palmer, 175.1.

The Tarpley RV Chili Pepper Challenge was played Tuesday at Hillcrest Golf Club, and because of a rules clarification, Sunday’s Hampton Inn Scramble results will appear in next week’s column.

Dave Bray has covered the local golf scene for 31 years. He can be reached at