Dinner and lunch – cook hoisin pork once, eat two meals

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Leftover barbecue pulled pork from dinner becomes a tasty sandwich for a lunch that can be served hot or cold.

AP Food Editor

The best dinners are those that not only are delicious in their own right, but that also leave ample leftovers that can be easily reworked into an equally delicious lunch the next day.

As the father of a voracious 7-year-old boy Ė and as a father who packs said voracious boyís school lunch every day Ė Iíve become a pro at these dinner-lunch combos. Any day that I can cook once and feed my kid twice is a very good day. The trick, however, is to make sure the lunches made from leftovers are fresh and donít, well, taste like leftovers.

But this doesnít require a lot of work. A bit of imagination will take you far when it comes to reworking leftovers.

This recipe for grilled hoisin pork tenderloin is one of my favorites for this. The dinner itself is simple and wonderful and can be prepped the morning before.At dinner, I just toss the marinated tenderloin on the grill along with a few vegetables and itís good to go.

The next day, I turn the leftover pork into barbecue pulled pork, which can be eaten on a bun or in a whole-wheat wrap. It also can be served warm or cold; my son loves it both ways. When Iím pressed for time, I spoon the cold pulled pork onto the bread, wrap it and toss it in his lunch box. When I have more time, I pack the bread separately, heat the pork and pack it in a thermos. He actually enjoys assembling the sandwich himself.

And this can be done with grilled chicken leftovers, too. Just follow the simple directions.

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