Science not required for believing in Jesus

A recent letter to the editor in The Durango Herald indicated that the New Testament in the Holy Bible was essentially Manifest Destiny because all the key individuals in the New Testament knew of the Old Testament prophesies and therefore simply made them come true (June 22). Following this line of thinking, one must remember that the Old Testament was written by myriad people from different cultures who did not know one another or the meaning of communications some were receiving from God in dreams. They simply believed and followed them. No one understood the meaning of the prophecy of the birth of the Christ child as the son of God, much less the crucifixion and his resurrection in three days.

When Jesus was born and began to teach in the Jewish temples and synagogues few if any of the scribes and pharisees even understood what he was teaching with regard to heaven and Earth and what it meant to “believe” and have “faith.” He deliberately spoke in parables and his own chosen 12 disciples did not understand his words and their meaning.

That being the case, how could anyone have made up his existence or question his being the true son of God – his quest on Earth was to win the souls of man through their belief and faith. “Blessed are those that have never seen me, but still believe.” It is truly sad that someone can simply turn away from Jesus because there is no scientific proof or justification, but simply a lack of “faith.”

Gary L. Boyd


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