Jesus offers free tickets to heaven

With wall-to-wall churches throughout America, there is no excuse for the lack of teaching about the spiritual world we exist in. This obviously escaped Larry Bollinger who viciously degraded God’s anointed Bible (Letters, Herald, June 22).

Every event in The Bible occurred in the order it was written. No other book in existence has this accuracy, plus in-depth knowledge capable of predicting the future.

Parts of The Bible are difficult to understand. This is why God provided us with anointed prophets such as Hal Lindsey and “Baxter’s End Times.” This offers detailed and thorough explanations of where we are in The Bible, what’s coming next, the approaching rapture and ending with the second coming of Jesus Christ when he returns as a warrior to reclaim his world.

To clarify Bollinger’s complete misunderstanding of Christ’s ascension to heaven, it is imperative to study scriptures that cover the holy spirit miracles. When Jesus died on the cross, his human body died and was replaced with his spiritual body. (Hundreds of people reported seeing Jesus after his death).

Born-again Christians experience this same miracle at death with the exception that we are immediately transformed into our spiritual body and transported to heaven without being seen. Those living when the rapture takes place will not experience death because their human body is converted to spiritual form as they rise to meet Jesus Christ in heaven. Those left behind who have rejected Christ will face the worst indescribable horrors anyone can imagine.

The Bible has been revered throughout the ages because it is a living guide written for us, and protected by God. Great rewards for us are throughout The Bible for those who follow its commandments.

Claim your free heaven pass. Repent, ask Jesus to come into your heart and follow him the rest of your life.

Vi McCoy