Lachelt, not Hotter, is fiscally irresponsible

I read the article in the July 11 Herald with the headline “Candidates split on long-range planning,” and I believe you missed the real difference in the candidates.

Gwen Lachelt said, “natural gas is not a clean fuel ... citing ... economic impacts of natural-gas development in the county.” In this same issue, County Assessor Craig Larson reported more than $920,000 in revenue loss because of the reduction in natural gas prices.

The real difference is Lachelt wants all natural gas production in the county stopped. This would cause an immediate annual reduction in property tax collection for the county by about $4 million. Also, all the school districts would lose a large percentage of their incomes. These dollars don’t count the loss of business and income of many workers in La Plata County.

Who is fiscally irresponsible? Gwen Lachelt would raise our property taxes substantially for the county to maintain services. Also, she would increase all energy costs. That is not what I call being fiscally responsible.

Kellie Hotter has done a great job in tough and challenging times. Keep Kellie on the commission.

No, I don’t work for an energy company. I grew up in the Four Corners and remember when the gas and oil came in the 1950s. It has made a wonderful place for us to live, but has attracted some who want to come here and change our way of life.

Bill Swapp


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