Dems, media hide illegal immigrants’ crimes

The Democrats, when in power, have long stalled strict border enforcement in the Southwest as part of a strategy to force Republicans to help pass a “comprehensive immigration reform” that is favorable to Democratic interests. That means that U.S. citizens have been exposed to murder, rape and robbery by illegal immigrants during all that time, simply for the political interests of the Democrats. There are people living in Durango right now who have moved here to get away from the crimes and systemic stresses caused by heavy illegal-immigrant populations.

The Obama administration refused to close down the borders and maintained a posture that took the side of illegal immigrants in the Southwest, particularly in Arizona. During the recent Supreme Court response to the law Arizona passed in an attempt to defend itself from illegal immigrants, the Obama administration took an extra punitive step by cutting off resources from federal immigration-enforcement departments. In other words, even more U.S. citizens in Arizona will be subject to crimes while the Obama administration does its heavy-handed Chicago-enforcement tactics.

The liberal media, with its close ties to the Democratic Party, has covered for this type of shenanigans for decades even though it means more deaths, rapes and robberies committed upon American citizens. Mexican immigrants are more important to Democrats than U.S. citizens.

Has anyone seen a liberal news outlet publish the crime statistics by illegal immigrants in the U.S.? No. In fact, any news that liberal publications think is unfavorable to their personal ideology is simply not published and a quick review of the archives will easily show that fact to be true.

People should do an Internet search for the crime statistics in the United States to see how much horrible news is kept out of news reporting.

What do citizens do when their news outlets are aligned against the citizens of the United States?

Mike Sigman


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