Driver’s goal is to keep cyclists safe

I live on County Road 213. We are now paved all the way and have an influx of cyclists. I do appreciate when they ride single file but to go around them safely, you still have to go into the other lane. There are very few places to pass and therein lies the problem.

My main goal is to keep the cyclists safe. I drive a large diesel, and I don’t want to intimidate anyone by passing too closely. When I pull up behind cyclists, I wait until I get a quick chance to pass, and then I “goose” it to get around them quickly and safely and back into my own lane. I do not do that aggressively to show disdain for cyclists or leave them breathing diesel fumes, as John Peel suggested in his column (Herald, July 16). I just need to get around them.

Again, my goal is to keep cyclists safe. I would never want to hit someone on a bicycle or even scare them. Thank you for reading this, and let us all just ride and drive safely with respect for each other.

Dona Rogers