Baxstrom’s politics express his conviction

We would like to share with you our endorsement of Harry Baxstrom for county commissioner. We have used Dr. Baxstrom in a professional manner for our pets for many years. He has a no-nonsense but compassionate manner. We heard him speak at a meeting on political issues a couple of months ago. The questions he was asked were met with quick and knowledgeable responses. There was no side-stepping on any issues with him.

What impresses us the most about Harry Baxstrom is his strong conviction about taking personal responsibility, which is something few politicians and even some residents adhere to. Harry Baxstrom seems to be an honorable and educated man who cares about our community and county problems. We feel he will contribute a refreshingly honest and thoughtful approach to county issues. If you have not decided for whom you are voting, please make yourself aware of the issues and what the candidates’ views are, and then take personal responsibility for getting to the polls to vote. Thanks.

Sean & Judy Johnston


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