Gymnasts entertain; ticket service stumbles

Robert Whitson, chief financial officer of Ballantine Communication Inc., parent company for The Durango Herald, is attending the 2012 London Olympics. The Herald will publish the notes he will occasionally send about his experiences.

The women’s gymnastics were great with almost a full house. When we left, the United States was in first place in volleyball Sunday night. We’re supposed to have field hockey Monday, but when you deal with tour operators who you are not familiar with, who knows what can happen.

Also, I am sure you have heard that they have had lots of ticket snafus here. There were quite a few of us who used the same Internet company to book this trip, and four of our six game tickets arrived the day before we left. They said our other two would be at the hotel in London, and they were. Others were not so lucky, and had to make a lot of noise to get their tickets.

We took the water taxi yesterday to see if we could master it as we have the Tube.