Many reasons make bag ban a good idea

Why ban plastic bags? Every year, more than 4 million go into our landfills and 1.4 billion tons of trash, including plastic bags, enter our oceans. Marine life often mistake plastic bags for food. The bags can block the digestive tract and prevent or limit the amount of food taken in, causing weight loss and eventual death Ė especially in the young.

I used to live in a state where all the trees along the highway are festooned with plastic bags. A once beautiful farming state is now an eyesore near cities.

It would be so easy for Durangoans to pay a low fee for plastic or bring their own bags. When Iíve shopped in stores where there is a fee, thereís hardly a difference in price when the fee is added.

Corvallis, Ore., just instated a city plastic bag ban after extensive research and study. Letís learn from them.

Marianne Pearlman