Todd Risberg

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District Attorney

Todd Risberg is running unopposed for his second term as chief prosecutor for the 6th Judicial District, which includes Archuleta, San Juan and La Plata counties.

The Democrat has pledged to take a common-sense approach to criminal justice, including making an effort to reach reasonable plea agreements with the goal of reducing recidivism.

He supports rehabilitative-justice programs, which aim to change negative behavior without sending offenders to jail or prison.

During his first four years, his office has helped start a mental-health court, helped expand the drug court and helped to support a victim-offender mediation program.

Risberg also called for a grand jury to be empaneled in La Plata County the first time anyone can remember.

The District Attorney’s Office has 10 prosecutors, including one dedicated to domestic-violence cases. The office resolved 3,763 cases in 2011.

Risberg has lived in the area since 1998. He lived in San Juan County from late 2000 to 2005, where he served as a part-time San Juan County judge.

He makes $130,000 per year, the minimum allowed under Colorado law. He is seeking a four-year term, and is limited to two terms.