Hotter has earned your vote this November

Understanding the Herald’s propensity to assure that all sides of an issue are heard, it still is very upsetting to read letters to the editor not only damning an elected official’s vote on an issue but in the process also attempting character assassination. Recognizing that such actions have become commonplace in political arenas, such opinions cannot go unchallenged.

I have known Kellie Hotter for many years. I was fortunate to have Kellie’s counsel and input during my legislative tenure and her friendship after, as well. One really gets to know a person through those years of association and interaction. At no time during those many years of discussing and debating issues with Kellie did I ever come away thinking that her positions on issues were not well-founded in on-the-ground, real-life experiences creating private-industry jobs (via Kellie’s and Martin’s businesses), working closely with the business community in nonprofit organizations, participating in Club 20 (long before she was ever elected) and personally dealing with local government regulatory and administrative entities. And those interactions were not always good.

Kellie’s ample experiences in life have honed core values that are deep and strong. Anyone who characterizes Kellie’s voting record as self-serving and for personal gain does not know the lady. It is so easy for those who would like to see personal-property rights eroded for the “good of the people” without just compensation or consideration of centuries of common law to sling mud without harboring any value for a commissioner standing up for what she honest-to-God believes and holds dear.

Folks, we may agree to disagree on many things, but never forget that those desiring to have government omnipresent in our lives will never sit well with Kellie Hotter. She will not betray those hard-learned and, many times, painful life and small-business experiences, and that is exactly why Kellie has earned your vote in November. Kellie is the real deal.

Mark Larson